Photos From Leon, Guanajuato, Mexico

A photo of a motorcycle hanging over a front door of a home in Leon, Guanajuato, Mexico.Today is our last day to share my experience of Guanajuato, Mexico with you.  I am going to share some photos of Leon, Guanajuato, which is a very large city that has a lot of things to do.  Food at almost every corner sold by local street vendors.

Tacos al Vapor were just one of my favorites.  My wife has a cousin that sells every morning on one of the popular street corners.  They have a large variety of tacos.  From chorizo to beans and on one of the last days I was there I had him invent something he still sells today.  A torta de tacos.  We went and bought a couple of bollilos (bread rolls) and opened them up to reveal something like a sandwich.  Then we laid a couple of tacos inside the bread and added some cheese and chile and closed it up and it was heaven.

There is just so many different things to see in Leon.  From El Centro (Like the City Mall) to the parks and just the streets.  Over on the left you can see a house that has a motorcycle hanging over their front doorway.  Interesting.  There is even a hill that you can drive up to and see the whole city.  It kind of reminds me of Los Angeles.

Photo of a local vendor riding a horse and carriage that sells fruit and vegetables.  The local vendors have so many ways to make things work and improvise in ways that I wouldn’t have thought of.  On the right you can see a photo of a vendor that rides a horse and carriage with rubber tires selling fruits and vegetables.  They carry a horn speaker and microphone to let people know they are coming.

I still remember the propane sellers.  They have these large trucks that race through the streets yelling on the horns announcing, “El Gas!”.  Since there aren’t any gas lines in the homes they have to purchase propane tanks and the salesman go through the neighborhoods announcing their presence.  People that need gas run out to stop them and get their refill.

I also remember a scene that I don’t have here but it is still in my mind.  The scene of dogs eating crunchy tortillas lying on the floor.  I guess since Dog Food is probably too expensive so they just get the leftover tortillas and throw them on the floor for the dogs to eat.

Mexico has a lot of culture.  One that I miss very much and cant wait to go again.  I love getting up early in the morning and heading over to the market to get a fresh milkshake or “liquado” with all kinds of delicious fresh fruit and all the good nutrients a grown boy needs.

Photo from inside the market in Leon, Guanajuato, Mexico.The market has so many fresh produces.  From freshly cut pigs to fresh fruits and vegetables.  The market is the place to be, unless you are a pig or other type of animal.  Over on the left you can see a photo from inside the market looking down at some fresh cut pork.  They skin the pork to make pork grinds.

That is all from my trip to Leon and Guanajuato.  Next week I plan to share some more of my photos from other trips.  Remember, if you have photos of your favorite Mexican hangout please share them with us and let us know what you love most about Mexico.

Thanks for reading!

Semper Fidelis,

Manuel Perez

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