The Story of Senora Tamales

Photo of Senora TamalesLast week I received a copy of my aunt Marta’s book.  We read it right away.  The book is geared for elementary schools but also for those wanting to learn between English or Spanish.  The book is written in English and Spanish. 

Here is a piece from the book, “This is a story about a little hare named Senora Tamales.
Her nickname means “The Lady who Makes Tamales.” Senora Tamales is named Concha, but everyone who speaks of her calls her Senora Tamales. That’s because she is known for her delicious food, especially tamales.  Senora Tamales lives in the beautiful cotton fields of the San Joaquin Valley. Her tiny house is well kept and friendly. Senor Manuel, her husband, works in the thick rows of cotton in the shady, wet cotton shrubs, where he cuts juicy green leaves.”

It is funny how Senora Tamales lived in the beautiful cotton fields because I remember the days that my grandpa Manuel used to take me with him to work in the cotton fields and he used to let me drive the cotton picker.  I also recall the days when we used to use the little small irrigation canals as water slides and ride through them as if we were at some type of water park.

I don’t have any photos myself of my grandparents together as I was about 10 or so when my grandfather passed away and only 14 or 15 when my grandmother passed.  I wish I had some but here is a photo from the book that has them together that was taken in 1973. 

The Real Senora Tamales

If you would like to purchase a copy of The Story Of Senora Tamales you can find it at  If you are a school and are interested in getting a couple of copies for your classrooms then please get a hold of Marta Arroyo so that she can get you pointed in the right direction.

That is all for today but thank you so much for reading.

Semper Fidelis,

Manuel Perez

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