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Tree In Rock
Tree In Rock

OnOne Photo Resize

I had a photo that I shot a while back and the post is the one here. I had taken the photo with my older Minolta Dimage 5 which was a great camera at the time but it was only 3 Megapixels and that might have been great but its not even close to what we need if I wanted to print out a really large print of the photo.
I stumbled across one of OnOne’s programs called Resize which is part of the OnOne Suite. I think the program does a great job but I am curious as what the limits truly are. I took this image from 960×1280 to 2250×3000. I didn’t notice too much change in the photo as it grew.


I will try some more tests and post the results on the website so you can witness the results for yourself. I think if anyone wants to take those old scans and print them out to a larger scale, this might be the best way. I do see some limitations of the program that wouldn’t work. I will share those in a future post as well.

Thanks for reading!

Semper Fidelis,

Manuel Perez

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