Dream Of The Pepperoni Sandwich

Harry Zimm from Get Shorty
Harry Zimm from the Movie Get Shorty

Harry Zimm

If you have ever seen the movie Get Shorty, then you are familiar with the role that Gene Hackman plays as Harry Zimm. He is a small town movie producer trying to write a script that will make him big time. He ends up borrowing money from the wrong people and ends up involved with some loan shark.

Old Fashioned Drive In
Old Fashioned Drive In

The Place

The Restaurant was an old style Drive In that you could walk up to. Almost like Firebaugh’s Two Knights Drive In. They had all the great food. The place was busy and Harry Zimm was the chef behind the big flat griddle. He was asking what I wanted and I asked him, what did he recommend. He said, “I will fix you up something real nice.” He pulled out a big piece of salami style pepperoni and then put it on the griddle. He started to chop it up like ground beef. He chopped it up so much you wouldn’t think it was pepperoni. Then he grabbed a big handful of mozzarella cheese and piled it on top of the chunks of pepperoni and started to mix it all up on the griddle. Then Harry started to put up that attitude towards some of the waitresses that he was giving to Ray “Bones” on the phone. I started to laugh and then I noticed he grabbed a piece of french bread and split it in half and then smothered it with butter. He put it on the griddle and then grabbed a plate and placed the bread halves on it. Then he placed the pepperoni and mozzarella on the bread and handed it to me. I noticed some mobster looking guys were walking towards the restaurant so I wanted to hurry up and grab a bite. I opened my mouth and held the sandwich up to my mouth and ……
I heard a “OW” and then a claw dove into my leg. I was dreaming and my wife must have had the kitten claw her or something, but the kitten jumped on my leg and clawed me. I had missed my chance to taste this amazing creation.

Chicken Pepperoni Parmesan Sandwich
Chicken Pepperoni Parmesan Sandwich


I tried looking around the internet to find an image of the sandwich I was about to eat and came up with a better idea.  The picture above is about as close as I could find, but I wanted to create the one from the dream.  I wanted to create a Chicken Parmesan covered with the Pepperoni and Mozzarella cheese sandwich.  I will try one of these days as soon as I am done working on my kitchen.  See the post here to see our progress.

Thanks for reading!

Semper Fidelis,

Manuel Perez

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