Review – Mountain Mike’s Pizza in Los Banos, CA

Ordering Process

When I was ordering, it didn’t seem like they had any specials. My family and I usually order a special that includes an XL Pepperoni and some Breadsticks and drinks. I had to order everything separately. After being rung up, the price was kind of shocking me. I looked down at the receipt and was suffering from sticker shock for the price of an XL Pizza. I said, oh well.

Food Portions

We sat down and waited for the food to arrive. When the Breadsticks arrived, I was pleased with the flavor and texture. They were crunchy and tasted like something different versus dough.

Finally, the Pizza arrived and I didn’t pay attention to the Pan hanging over the counter. The XL Pizza was huge. On the pan hanging over, it says 20 slices, but my son counted them and they only gave us 18. It was still big. There was plenty for leftovers. The Pepperonis were small and they curled up like little bowls of flavor on the pizza. The sauce wasn’t too heavily placed making the pizza almost as crunchy as the Breadsticks.

The Cons

The only complaint I have about this place was that none of the games seemed to work. I started off with trying to get quarters for the kids to play games with using the change machine but it didn’t work. The guy behind the counter helped us out with that. I then went over to play the PacMan/Galaga game and it asked for 2 credits to play. I stuck in 2 quarters which gave me the amount needed to play, but when I pushed the Start button, it didn’t work. I tried to get my quarters back using the eject button, but that didn’t work either. The kids were then trying to play another game and I gave up as nothing seemed to work.


The Food and Service are great but there aren’t that many games for the kids to play. The place is big but all open, so once it started to get a little more people inside, it started to get noisier with the voices trying to compete with the Televisions in the place. I will be going again, but not sure about going to this same one.

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Thanks for reading!

Semper Fidelis,

Manuel Perez

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