Reviewing Tools and Equipment

Broken Sheetrock
Broken Sheetrock

Another Project

My wife and I started another project earlier this year and it has been fun. It has been a very long process as I do have a full time job that requires a lot from me. This project was to take our closet and close it off and open it on my daughter’s side of the room. Then we were going to build the closet in our room. After ripping all the sheet rock off inside the closet, we thought hard about it and decided not to remove living space from our bedroom as we thought it would reduce the value of the home in the end. We put new insulation in the walls and installed new sheet rock. We then added wood paneling to give it a wooden look. We then stained the wood with a dark finish. Then we began building the closet system. My idea was to put in drawers in the middle of the closet to eliminate having drawers inside the bedroom. We also added another pole to hang the clothes on the bottom half of the closet. Then we added barn doors which were really cool to make and very inexpensive. I plan on making a video showing how these doors are made and posting it here.

Completed Closet With Sliding Barn Doors
Completed Closet With Barn Doors

Reviewing Tools

I was approached by Dewalt recently to review some of their equipment by joining their Sampling Program. I wanted to let you all know that if you are interested in getting my opinion of your product or service, please allow me to be your person. I have always been good at reviewing stuff and you can see my Yelp reviews that I am always willing to share my experience. If you are interested in having your product or service reviewed, please reach out to me and I will be glad to offer my opinion.
Thank you for reading.

Semper Fidelis,

Manuel Perez

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