Review – Sakura Chaya Restaurant – Fresno

Sakura Chaya - Yo-Mama Roll
Sakura Chaya – Yo-Mama Roll


Recently, my wife and I celebrated our Anniversary and we had heard a lot of good comments about this restaurant in Fresno. I decided that was the place that we would go to. Sakura Chaya is located in Fresno on Nees Ave and is pretty easy to get to. Parking is good with lots of room. I called a couple of days ahead to make reservations. We drove all the way in to town after work and were starving by 5 pm. We showed up to the restaurant about 20 minutes before our reservations. There was a very large crowd inside. The place had Hibachi style area, a bar and an original sit down booth. We were there for the Hibachi as there was no reason to have it any other way.

Sushi and Hibachi

I have had my variety of Sushi from all the Las Vegas restaurants that I have been to where the guys have ordered Sushi. I have always expected them to order it as I was never used to ordering. I took a look at the Menu on Yelp ahead of time so I was familiar with what to expect. The Yo-Mama Rolls seemed to be the popular choice. We ordered the Edamame Appetizer and the Yo-Mama Roll. The Edamame’s were okay and seemed to be a little under cooked. The Yo-Mama Roll was amazing. It had a creamy filling which really isn’t my style but it was good.


If you have ever been to a Hibachi style restaurant, you know they bring you Miso soup, salad. The Miso soup was also okay. It needed a little more flavor but the salad was amazing. Because the waitress sat us down on a big section with another crowd they had to add a piece of table to the inside. This made it difficult to fit two chefs inside the cooking area. It also made it a little uncomfortable when I had to sit next to another crowd. The chef didn’t really put on a show. He started with the egg trick and since he couldn’t complete the egg trick, he decided not to do anything except for the flaming onion. They didn’t have a large variety of sauces like the other restaurants. Usually, they give you a large variety of sauces. No, they just asked if anyone wanted their version of hot sauce. It was some hot paste mixed with Teriyaki sauce.


Overall, the food was great and the sushi was amazing. I will probably go back again, but not any time soon. I would probably prefer Edo-Ya or Japanese Kitchen. The cleanliness of the griddle was not too great. There was a lot of small pieces of left overs on there prior to the chef showing up. The service was not too bad. The waitress was probably the nicest thing. She was nice the whole time.
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Manuel Perez

The Force

Star Wars

You have all watched the Star Wars movies. If you haven’t then you are really missing out. In the series each of the actors learn to master a form of power called “The Force”. Some of the actors are good guys and others are bad guys. They learn to master “The Force” for good and bad. I would guess it would be some kind of energy that allows your thoughts and desires to come to reality.

The First

When I first encountered “The Force” I was in Okinawa, Japan. I was in my barracks watching tv and I made myself one of those Top Ramen Noodles. I had just pulled it out of the microwave and as I was walking back to my table, I was thinking to myself, I am going to spill it all over. Not a second later, I poured the entire bowl of soup all over me. It was so hot that the steam was still on my skin.


When I finally realized that I had some form of power to use “The Force”, I was asleep in bed and couldnt sleep too good. I was tossing and turning and we have one of those carbon monoxide detector in the hallway. It had been having issues where the sensor had been dying. I had reset it and it had been working for days already without any problems. I was lying in bed and was thinking to myself, that alarm is going to go off any second now. Not two seconds later, the alarm went off and I had to get up to dismantle it so I can try to go back to sleep.


If “The Force” is real, then I believe we all have some form of controlling it and using it for good or bad. I just pray that I can use it for good. If anyone else has had an encounter with “The Force” then please share your story.
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Manuel Perez

Barn Owl

I snapped this photo of this Barn Owl right off of Highway 33 on my way to work.

Ok, I know you guys are probably going to think I am going crazy because I am taking photos of dead animals but trust me I am not.  I was reading an article last week that discussed that California actually developed a website to track the deadliest roads for animals. 

The California Roadkill Observation System is a system that is allowing volunteers to enter in observations of when they come across a Roadkill!  It is very simple to do and it cost nothing to get started.  The observation entry form can be a little tricky when it comes to picking the exact location of the observation but if they had an iPhone app for it I am sure it would be popular. 

Screenshot from The California Roadkill Observation System. 

I actually have entered in two observations in two days.  I came across two different Barn Owls that seemed to have been struck by something.

This one doesn’t look too bad but it is very shocking to see all the different areas that are being tracked on the map.  I looked at Highway 33 which is one that I travel along everyday on my way to work and I didn’t see any entries so I figured I need to do my part and start helping scientists to find a reason why all these animals keep getting killed.

If you would like to do your part and enter observations for Roadkills then visit their site today and get signed up.

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The Japanese Gardens

Photo of beautiful pink flowers hanging in a tree at the Japanese Gardens at Woodward Park in Fresno, California.

This is a photo of some beautiful pink flowers that were hanging in a tree at The Japanese Gardens at Fresno’s Woodward Park.  I went there last year when I photographed some portraits for some clients.  I went ahead of them to get some great shots of the Gardens.  This place is amazing.  I took this photo with my Canon EOS Digital Rebel XT and my Canon EOS 28-135mm Lens. 

I recently added some widgets to my WordPress Blog and wanted to get your feedback on them.  The widgets allow you to subscribe to my RSS feeds and also subscribe to this page via Google.  Not sure who my readers are at this time but I plan on doing something special for you all.  I am curious though as to what my readers would enjoy most.  I plan on creating a post later today to share some ideas with you and hopefully get your feedback.

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