Have You Tried Bing?

Bing Image Saves
Bing Image Saves

Bing Gives Away Prizes

I used to use that other popular search engine to do everything and ever since Microsoft released Bing, it has been great. It has such an artistic design that makes it almost Beautiful. Then Bing started to give away points so that you can earn points just by searching for stuff on the web. I figure, why not make points for doing stuff I am going to do when I am online. They let you take those points and use them for prizes, drawings and even donating to your favorite Organization.

How To Make Points

If you are like me, then you search for stuff all the time. Why not make points for every search you do? You can also make points by referring people to join the program. Once the person makes enough points then you and them get some extra points.
I like to search for Black and White photos and especially portraits. I am always looking for ideas when I am shooting photos. With Bing, it allows you to save pictures in certain categories and look at them later. Almost like Pinterest, but you do all the searching and saving and don’t have to depend on anyone else to give you ideas. For every search you do, you get 2 points. You can max out at about 600 points per day with the questions of the day and other ways to make quick points.


I have used my points to buy Amazon Gift Cards, Microsoft Gift Cards and even pay for my XBOX Live Membership for the past couple of years. If you haven’t tried the program I strongly recommend you give it a try. I only use Google for their maps. If you have any feedback about the program, please chime in.

Thank you for reading!

Semper Fidelis,

Manuel Perez