USMC Drill Instructor Creed

USMC Drill Instructor Creed
USMC Drill Instructor Creed

Are you tough enough to take the challenge?  Sure, you can take the Boot Camp challenge but are you ready to take the Drill Instructor challenge?  Being a Marine Drill Instructor is not only tough while in the process but also tough to become a Drill Instructor.  Drill Instructor school is probably one of the toughest military trainings next to Navy Seal School.  (not that I know from experience but from what I have heard.)

Drill Instructors go through training that is similar to Marine Recruit training although the Drill Instructors being that they have already gone through Boot Camp are familiar with the games.

Once the Drill Instructor has completed school then they are assigned their duty station.  For Female Marines they will get assigned to Parris Island, NC and the Male Marines get assigned to either San Diego, CA or Parris Island, NC.

If you are a Marine Drill Instructor or have been a Marine Drill Instructor then I would love to get your feedback about your experience.

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