The Devil’s Bathtub

devilsbathtubMy wife and I went on a weekend getaway on Labor Day back in 2003 and we did some hiking!  We tried to get higher and farther than we did but my old Dodge Neon wasn’t cooperating too much off road. 

We just explored the mountains as we approached Shaver Lake which was nice but we wanted to go higher.  We then finally approached Huntington Lake which was also nice but we wanted to go farther.  We couldn’t go any further because the day was ending and we needed a place to camp.  We setup camp there and decided to go up higher the next day.

We looked at the map and we seen so many places that we wanted to see.  From the John Muir Wilderness area to the Ansel Adams Wilderness it was all amazing places to see.  We took the Neon up as far as we could.  We stopped at a couple of places along the way.  We got to Edison Lake which was just so peaceful.  There was only one small boat in the middle of the lake. 

We drove on and saw that the road was getting rough.  We turned back to a small parking lot.  We parked and looked at two paths.  One said “The Devils Bathtub – 4.5 miles” the other said “Glacier Point – 15 miles”.  I asked my wife which one she wanted to take and she laughed.  We took the shorter one of course.  It was amazing that we didn’t see too many people on this hike.  We passed a couple of groups along the way and then it got quiet and I mean very quiet.  Finally I was excited to see a man coming down from the trail.  I asked him, “How much farther?” and he said, “You are about half way there.”  I thought oh my it seems like we had been walking forever and we are only half way there.  We continued on not coming across anyone else.  We came to about a mile before the finish line when it just seems to go straight up hill.  We kept on moving and finally reached the top. 

The Devil’s Bathtub was beautiful.  Looked like a piece of glass was the water because it was so calm and clear.  We had our lunch and just enjoyed the moment of piece and quiet.  We headed back home and we thought to ourselves, “We have to do that again but with a bigger car.”

That’s all for today!

Thanks for reading!

Semper Fidelis,

Manuel Perez