Computer Purchase

Dell XPS 8910 DOA
Dell XPS 8910 DOA

The Perfect PC

I had been looking at purchasing a new PC after my old PC finally died. I was comparing stores and units to see which one would fit me best. After all, I needed a case that had enough room for all of the hard drives that I was going to put into it. I was using a spreadsheet to compare specs and prices and rebates to see which one was going to fit my budget.
I went to one of the Big Warehouse Stores (#Costco) online and placed my order. The PC was supposed to be delivered to the house on New Years Eve. I was planning on being out of town so I tried to call #FedEx to have them delay my package until I would be home. FedEx charged me $5.00 just so that I can put a hold on the package. It turned out that we didn’t leave town after all for New Years. I wasn’t expecting my package but I was expecting some other stuff. Then I got an alert from FedEx that my package had been delivered. I had to call someone because we were away from the house and weren’t planning on being back for a few hours.

Dead On Arrival

When I opened up the new PC, I must admit that it looked really nice. Too shiny for my style though. I plugged in the PC and turned it on and nothing would happen. I waited until the next day and tried again and nothing. I called Dell and they had me do some troubleshooting. We couldn’t get it to boot. Dell told me that they would send me another one to replace it. I was fine with that.
A week later I hadn’t seen anything from FedEx and was wondering what was happening. I had gotten an email from Dell stating the specs for the computer they were going to send me for replacement, but nothing from FedEx. I decided to call Costco’s Tech Concierge Service to see what was the status. They called Dell and I guess because the parts to build a new one weren’t in stock they decided to cancel the exchange. I then called Dell to see what they could tell me. They told me that because I didn’t respond to an email from them that they cancelled the exchanged. They asked if I was okay with the specs for the new PC and I said yes. So they were going to proceed with the exchange again.
A week later I had not seen or heard from anyone. I sent an email stating to cancel the exchange and that I would be returning the computer I bought to Costco. Then they respond stating that the system had already been shipped.


The moral of this story is to be patient and wait it out I guess. Either that or don’t ever buy from Costco again. Never trust FedEx is one that I will take to the books.
Thanks for reading!

Semper Fidelis,

Manuel Perez