New Mexico

Lots of Hot Air Balloons
Lots of Colors


When I was traveling for work I was traveling a lot to New Mexico. Its one of the places where I made my first large sale. While visiting a couple of times, I heard about a Hot Air Balloon event that happens in Albuquerque, NM. I knew I had to go. I bought a ticket and got there super early so that I can be there for the setup.

Hot Air Balloons Filling Up
Fire It Up


I must admit it that I was freezing because it was so cold and I only had a light jacket. I wasn’t used to the altitude and the colder weather. When I arrived they got the go ahead to setup but that they couldn’t fly the balloons because of wind. The photo above shows a couple of balloons getting filled with heat. These things had some burners in them. From the distance where I was standing, I could feel a warmth that helped with me being cold.

Darth Vader Balloon
Darth Vader Balloon

May The Force Be With You

As I was wandering trying to get so many photos of the different balloons, I found one that was designed like Darth Vader’s Head. It was cool that they had so many styles and designs. If I am in New Mexico around the time of this event, I plan on attending. I want to be there when the Balloons go up.

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Semper Fidelis,

Manuel Perez

Self Portrait In Kuwait

Me In Kuwait

I was going through some old photos and found this one of me while I was in Kuwait back in 1998.  We were there for an exercise and we were in some really hot weather.  I must say that after being inside the belly of an M1A1 that I have more respect for tankers!  God Bless them!  This photo of me is me manning the Tank Commander and the 50 Caliber.  While in Kuwait we experienced temperatures at about 120 degrees and the driver passed out.  They needed someone to man the driver’s seat so they put me in it.  I stripped down to my skivvies because it was so hot in there.  All I remember was a pool of sweat after we got done.  I think I lost some weight while I was over there.  I should go back so I can lose some more.