Long Exposure – Orlando

Long Exposure - Orlando
Long Exposure – Orlando


A few years ago, I was dabbling in Astrophotography and wanted to try out long exposures of certain areas. While working for my previous company, I was given an opportunity of a lifetime. I was asked to book my flight and hotel to Orlando, Florida to attend an exhibit show at the Orlando park. I knew I had an opportunity to get some time to catch some fireworks and some other HDR shots. When I first arrived, I spent some time exploring outside and seeing the atmosphere. I knew that because of the extreme lights nearby that I wouldn’t get any Astrophotography shots. So, I thought about some HDR and Long Exposures. I got the above shot using my Tripod and set my camera for a 30 second exposure. I thought it was great since I was just dabbling. I love the way the lights came out from across the lake.

HDR - Dolphin Resort
HDR – Dolphin Resort

High Definition

The above shot, I set my camera up for a bracketed exposure to get three different exposures. I then took the three photos and stitched them together in Adobe Lightroom. I have a Plugin called Photomatix that allows me to take the three photos and create an HDR photo with some effects.

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Semper Fidelis,

Manuel Perez