Review – Wayback Burgers


Wayback Burgers
Wayback Burgers

The Location

I haven’t been out to Panoche for quite a few years now, and when I arrived, I was surprised to see this Burger Place.  We have all seen those sandwich chains inside of Gas Stations, but this was something different.  I must admit, the location is probably at sometimes, great on weekends because of the travelers along Interstate 5.  Then I realized how close it was to Oro Loma and imagine, that a lot of workers probably stop here for lunch during the day.

The Service

When we walked into the restaurant and looked at the menu, we were looking trying to figure out what to order.  The lady that took our order could have been a little friendlier or at least happy to see customers.  She didn’t bother to ask us anything about the way we wanted our order.  I even walked away without getting my cups and she didn’t even bother to remind me.  When the burgers were done, the another person from behind the counter came and delivered them to our table, which was great.  I went over after we were done to ask for a bag and saw how amazing the grill looked with all the meat on it being cooked.  I asked the chef if I could take a picture and he said sure.

Wayback Burger Grill
Wayback Burger Grill

The Atmosphere

The restaurant was nice, it had a diner look and feel to it.  They even had bottles of ketchup on every table.  And if you need extra mustard, they have bottles of those too by the soda fountain.  They have televisions which kept my son occupied as he watched one of his favorite movies.

The Negatives

I myself am a Veteran and do Honor our Nation and the Flag.  I didn’t like that the flag was sitting outside the door next to the trash can.  I don’t see why they haven’t just hung it up somewhere.

The girl behind the counter was the other piece but I imagine, she was probably just having a bad day or was not looking forward to the shift to start.

Double Bacon Burger from Wayback Burgers
Double Bacon Burger


I enjoyed the trip out to Wayback Burgers and the food was good.  The pictures look a little bigger than the actual food, but the taste was right on.  My family and I will definitely be going again and try out some other menu items.

Semper Fidelis,

Manuel Perez