Review – Sakura Chaya Restaurant – Fresno

Sakura Chaya - Yo-Mama Roll
Sakura Chaya – Yo-Mama Roll


Recently, my wife and I celebrated our Anniversary and we had heard a lot of good comments about this restaurant in Fresno. I decided that was the place that we would go to. Sakura Chaya is located in Fresno on Nees Ave and is pretty easy to get to. Parking is good with lots of room. I called a couple of days ahead to make reservations. We drove all the way in to town after work and were starving by 5 pm. We showed up to the restaurant about 20 minutes before our reservations. There was a very large crowd inside. The place had Hibachi style area, a bar and an original sit down booth. We were there for the Hibachi as there was no reason to have it any other way.

Sushi and Hibachi

I have had my variety of Sushi from all the Las Vegas restaurants that I have been to where the guys have ordered Sushi. I have always expected them to order it as I was never used to ordering. I took a look at the Menu on Yelp ahead of time so I was familiar with what to expect. The Yo-Mama Rolls seemed to be the popular choice. We ordered the Edamame Appetizer and the Yo-Mama Roll. The Edamame’s were okay and seemed to be a little under cooked. The Yo-Mama Roll was amazing. It had a creamy filling which really isn’t my style but it was good.


If you have ever been to a Hibachi style restaurant, you know they bring you Miso soup, salad. The Miso soup was also okay. It needed a little more flavor but the salad was amazing. Because the waitress sat us down on a big section with another crowd they had to add a piece of table to the inside. This made it difficult to fit two chefs inside the cooking area. It also made it a little uncomfortable when I had to sit next to another crowd. The chef didn’t really put on a show. He started with the egg trick and since he couldn’t complete the egg trick, he decided not to do anything except for the flaming onion. They didn’t have a large variety of sauces like the other restaurants. Usually, they give you a large variety of sauces. No, they just asked if anyone wanted their version of hot sauce. It was some hot paste mixed with Teriyaki sauce.


Overall, the food was great and the sushi was amazing. I will probably go back again, but not any time soon. I would probably prefer Edo-Ya or Japanese Kitchen. The cleanliness of the griddle was not too great. There was a lot of small pieces of left overs on there prior to the chef showing up. The service was not too bad. The waitress was probably the nicest thing. She was nice the whole time.
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Manuel Perez