New Mexico

Lots of Hot Air Balloons
Lots of Colors


When I was traveling for work I was traveling a lot to New Mexico. Its one of the places where I made my first large sale. While visiting a couple of times, I heard about a Hot Air Balloon event that happens in Albuquerque, NM. I knew I had to go. I bought a ticket and got there super early so that I can be there for the setup.

Hot Air Balloons Filling Up
Fire It Up


I must admit it that I was freezing because it was so cold and I only had a light jacket. I wasn’t used to the altitude and the colder weather. When I arrived they got the go ahead to setup but that they couldn’t fly the balloons because of wind. The photo above shows a couple of balloons getting filled with heat. These things had some burners in them. From the distance where I was standing, I could feel a warmth that helped with me being cold.

Darth Vader Balloon
Darth Vader Balloon

May The Force Be With You

As I was wandering trying to get so many photos of the different balloons, I found one that was designed like Darth Vader’s Head. It was cool that they had so many styles and designs. If I am in New Mexico around the time of this event, I plan on attending. I want to be there when the Balloons go up.

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Semper Fidelis,

Manuel Perez