The Force

Star Wars

You have all watched the Star Wars movies. If you haven’t then you are really missing out. In the series each of the actors learn to master a form of power called “The Force”. Some of the actors are good guys and others are bad guys. They learn to master “The Force” for good and bad. I would guess it would be some kind of energy that allows your thoughts and desires to come to reality.

The First

When I first encountered “The Force” I was in Okinawa, Japan. I was in my barracks watching tv and I made myself one of those Top Ramen Noodles. I had just pulled it out of the microwave and as I was walking back to my table, I was thinking to myself, I am going to spill it all over. Not a second later, I poured the entire bowl of soup all over me. It was so hot that the steam was still on my skin.


When I finally realized that I had some form of power to use “The Force”, I was asleep in bed and couldnt sleep too good. I was tossing and turning and we have one of those carbon monoxide detector in the hallway. It had been having issues where the sensor had been dying. I had reset it and it had been working for days already without any problems. I was lying in bed and was thinking to myself, that alarm is going to go off any second now. Not two seconds later, the alarm went off and I had to get up to dismantle it so I can try to go back to sleep.


If “The Force” is real, then I believe we all have some form of controlling it and using it for good or bad. I just pray that I can use it for good. If anyone else has had an encounter with “The Force” then please share your story.
Thanks for reading!

Semper Fidelis,

Manuel Perez

Golden Orb Spider


This is a photo of the Golden Orb Spider.  I came across this fellow while visiting the Academy of Scone Museum in San Francisco, CA.  They are in an exhibit in the Tropical Rain Forest exhibit.

I came across one similar to this when a friend and I were walking through a jungle in Okinawa, Japan.  We were walking through some pretty thick brush and I was watching behind us hoping noting would come up on our rear when all of a sudden I ran right into the back of my friend who had stopped all of a sudden.  I asked him why he stopped and he said look.  I looked out and all I saw was the jungle.  He said not out there look here and pointed right out in front of us and saw this huge web with a big giant Banana Spider hanging in the middle.

After that day we were all a little tense about the spider problem.  Turns out it was their season because we had three other radio operators in the hummer with me monitoring the radio (or playing cards and relaxing) when  the way we had our hummer it faced the sunset and we had a poncho laying over the windshield to block the sun.  I was sitting in the back driver side seat and I noticed a shadow that seemed like a bird had landed on the hood of the hummer.  I pulled out my flashlight and flashed it at the inside of the hummer and saw a huge Banana Spider sitting on the inside of the hummer.  We ran out of the hummer and noticed there were a couple more sitting on the hood and another that was on the inside of the passenger door.  We grabbed one of the M16’s and tried stomping on it but it seemed to counter our movements by jumping to avoid the stomp.

I came across another story of a gentleman that came across the Banana Spider   His name is Paul R. May.

Thanks for reading.


Manuel Perez