Old Photos

The Spider
The Spider

Older Photos

I was looking for some photos to post and thought I would go back to the days when I used my Canon Digital Rebel XT. The camera was truly a game changer for me as before I was using the Minolta Dimage 5 which was only 3 Megapixels at the time. I had taken so many photos with both my Rebel and the Dimage that I wondered what they would look like if I was able to enlarge them.

The Spider

Was an old photo that I shot with the Rebel XT and using just the standard 18-55mm lens. I know this lens is garbage, but it does some good work for the entry level photographer just trying to get familiar with their gear/camera. I recall trying to capture this shot and having trouble focusing because of it being night and the flash firing.


Don’t be afraid to get out there and work with your gear. I know a friend of mine by the name of Justin Keys has been out there taking some amazing shots. I know another friend of mine that she mentioned she goes over to a local camera store and rents out larger lenses for her camera for only $20/day. This is amazing that they would do something like that. This allows amateur photographers to work with equipment that they might want to purchase ahead of time and get familiar with it.
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Manuel Perez