San Pedro Sulas – Honduras

San Pedro Sulas - Honduras

I took this photo back in 2006 when my pastor asked if I would go with him and some other church members to Central America.  We flew into San Pedro Sulas, Honduras and stayed there for a couple of days and then we traveled over to Guatemala.  I must say that it was a very interesting trip.  It actually gave me the a view of what the United States Citizens or Population take for granted.  We visited some churches in the area and actually hosted a church revival out in the streets a couple of nights.  Some moments seemed pretty intense when they told us the stories about revivals from the past.  They said the area is crawling with people that will kill you for no reason.  We actually encountered no hostile or violent experiences but there were some interesting characters that we came across.  I will try to put some more photos from Honduras and Guatemala soon but for now you can click on the Honduras and Guatemala categories to view them all.