Review – Pizza My Heart in Santa Cruz, CA

During Shutdown

My Wife and I were celebrating our anniversary during the shutdown. We couldn’t find any place to eat that would be special. We drove even to Monterey and nothing. We ended up driving back to Santa Cruz and found this place. Me being a huge fan of Pizza, I was thinking it was going to be good. We walked in and found the sizes of the pizzas were huge. Not the biggest I have ever had but they were big. We ordered two small pies, one that she would like and one that I would like. We took them back to the Hotel because we couldn’t eat inside. Lone behold, when we took a bite out of them, they were super good. The flavor in the cheese and sauce was amazing, either that or we were starving.

So Good We Went Back The Next Day

The next morning, we ate breakfast by the Boardwalk but later that day, we walked back to Pizza My Heart and grabbed a big pizza to take back home and enjoy with the family. I was glad we found this place because I have always been a huge fan of pizza. Since, I was a kid way back in the day, I have always loved pizza. Pizza My Heart has a special place in my heart because even though the country was shutdown my wife and I were able to celebrate something special and it was all due to them. Thank you Pizza My Heart!

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Thanks for reading!

Semper Fidelis,

Manuel Perez

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